WORK…I’m a writer and producer published in NPR, California Sunday, Rolling Stone, KCRW, MTV News, Rookie, the Guardian, Billboard, Bon Appetit, Sprudge Wine, the Pitchfork Review, and more. Recently, I produced Bandsplain with Yasi Salek. I also produced and co-developed The 33 1/3 Podcast. Currently I am a freelance podcast host and showrunner, developing and producing music shows. 

BIO…I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and grew up in Seattle, Washington. In the 2000s, I spent my teen years working at the Vera Project, a nonprofit DIY music and arts venue. In 2011, Rookie launched, and I was part of the founding cabal of writers and artists, and wrote for the site until it folded in 2018. I started there by writing a weekly diary of my life as a nineteen-year-old art school kid living in an old ballroom-turned-music venue in Oakland, then went on to write about music and culture. After graduating from California College of the Arts, I returned to Seattle in 2014, where I had a day job in graphic design and freelanced for MTV News in the pre-video-pivot era, where I largely reported on arena-size concerts while on mushrooms. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2017, I wrote freelance pieces on music, culture, food and natural wine for a few years. From 2020-2023, I was a Senior Creative Producer at Spotify Studios.

photo by Sarah Strunin