Dylan Tupper Rupert is a writer, producer, host, and designer based on the West Coast. Her work has been published by California Sunday, Rolling Stone, MTV News, RookieVice, the Guardian, Billboard, Bon Appetit, Sprudge Wine, the Pitchfork Review, and more. Dylan has worked on podcasts including The Michelle Obama Podcast and Living & Learning with Reba McEntire, and has written and hosted her own podcasts for KCRW’s Lost Notes and for Life Skills by Rookie at Audible. She’s currently producing podcasts at Spotify including Bandsplain.

She graduated from California College of the Arts in 2014 with a BFA from the Individualized Studies program, where she concentrated on graphic design, interaction design, creative non-fiction, and video.

Dylan currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Little Dipper. She grew up in Seattle, WA and was born in Kansas City, MO. Her barbeque order is burnt ends.

photo by Eleanor Petry