Desert Trip: ‘Oldchella’ proves the power of nostalgia is no mirage

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“All the sentimentality embedded in the marketing materials suggest that memories can begin even before the attendees arrive and for boomer fans who saw the Stones or Neil Young or the Who at festivals as young adults, this could feel like a reunion with their youth. The aestheticized nostalgia that inflates meaning into young Coachella-goers’ festival experiences, that longing for the sense of a cultural moment that rock festivals gave people like their parents, gets all lassoed up into a very profitable group hug as Desert Trip now reinvents the format.”

Shrooming at the Rihanna Show: A Glimpse of Heaven

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“I’m not so sure I needed to do any psychedelics in order to access a high dose of elation, because I knew this show was already enough to take me there — if it was any prediction, Anti the record took me, if not fully there, then at least to the nearest convenient intersection, like a three-star Uber driver. I remained undeterred and decided to get closer. Tonight, I would get that five-star service.”