Drowning in the Sea of Love on Lorde’s Melodrama

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“In Pure Heroine, Lorde picked up the ambience of adolescence and turned it into cultural echoes—songs that were accurate enough to relate to, glorified enough to spark a feeling, creative enough to herald in a new era of pop music. On Melodrama, a bonafide breakup album, a broken heart creates this ocean sound shell phenomenon, too. Its heightened sensitivity echoes the mundane into something like a metronome, a pulse-checking resuscitation from being either barely emotionally alive—or exhausted from utter feelings overdrive.’

Girlpool On Songwriting, Vulnerability, And Everyday Revelation

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“The name Girlpool comes from a chapter in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, but it is hard to shake the idea of the water feature it rhymes with, which is the spiraling thing that happens at the point where two powerful currents meet. Tucker and Tividad have a friendship of unique ferment, which, when talking with them, feels like a vortex of low-pitched emotional intensity. Best friends and bandmates for much of their formative years, they seem at ease in the swirling depth that their bond generates.”

O Father, What’s Art Tho?

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“Despite all these springboards for context, ripe for observation of the perennial subjects of fame, religion, comedy, tragedy, folly, hubris, romance, heartbreak, and death … I was still out here, mildly tripping at a Father John Misty show, looking for some golden keys and only finding copper ones. (Kind of shiny, kind of gold-looking, but a little dull in terms of consciousness-unlocking opportunities.) My mind trailed, and I wondered what Tillman’s biggest onstage insecurities are, and I made a note to be kind to them, psychically. I have a soft spot for the art that I think he’s trying to make — luscious drama, pointed commentary, big, big feelings — but my craving for that trilogy still gnawed at me, unsatisfied.”

One Night in PWR BTTM’s America

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“One of the blessings that queerness offers is a specific hard-won agency that most factions of mainstream society lack — one that summons alternate realities in spaces where they are most desperately needed, most homogeneously codified. This is a technique of survival and justice, employed when there is no option available in life for you to live in truth and safety. So there are new visions and liberations that allow you that freedom, within the safe confines of a dream.”

Kanye Stands Alone in the Darkness

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“We know that Kanye doesn’t hide what he’s feeling, but the catch is that he usually feels like he’s a god. He believes in a broad canon of male achievement — Jobs, Disney, Picasso — to which he attests he belongs. As he lives, Kanye simmers in a pretty classical notion of greatness. Is it harder to feel invincible if your power can’t protect the ones you love, and the source of that power — your career — is preventing you from being there with her?”

Desert Trip: ‘Oldchella’ proves the power of nostalgia is no mirage

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“All the sentimentality embedded in the marketing materials suggest that memories can begin even before the attendees arrive and for boomer fans who saw the Stones or Neil Young or the Who at festivals as young adults, this could feel like a reunion with their youth. The aestheticized nostalgia that inflates meaning into young Coachella-goers’ festival experiences, that longing for the sense of a cultural moment that rock festivals gave people like their parents, gets all lassoed up into a very profitable group hug as Desert Trip now reinvents the format.”

Shrooming at the Rihanna Show: A Glimpse of Heaven

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“I’m not so sure I needed to do any psychedelics in order to access a high dose of elation, because I knew this show was already enough to take me there — if it was any prediction, Anti the record took me, if not fully there, then at least to the nearest convenient intersection, like a three-star Uber driver. I remained undeterred and decided to get closer. Tonight, I would get that five-star service.”