In Napa, Outland Is A Taste Of Something New

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“Why is it so hard to envision the natural wine movement taking root in Napa Valley? Maybe it’s the prohibitively expensive land already bought up by beverage biz conglomerates and billionaires with retirement hobbies. Or the expectation of Old California big boy Cabs and Chards that edge out an idiosyncratic hope of the small and funky to flower. Or the ’90s-style consumptive luxury that still attracts generic tourists who want their classic Valley experience. With Napa Valley being headquarters to commercial American winemaking and its corresponding iconography, it’s probably a combination of those things. But thanks to Outland, a tasting room in Downtown Napa, the hope for a nouveau Napa experience isn’t so outlandish after all.”

Women Winemakers To The Front At LA’s Vinovore

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“Throughout the shop, a contemporary wine should be fun ethos glimmers through the details. Beyond offbeat touches—hand-written descriptions for each bottle are posted up with notes such as, ‘show up with this wine and get some!’ for Domaine Oudin Chablis Chardonnay, or ‘won’t you take me to Funky Town’ for Donkey + Goat’s Pinot Gris Romato—the tone of Vinovore is reverent towards its wine, but irreverent towards the old-school wine shop intimidation factor.”

Girlpool On Songwriting, Vulnerability, And Everyday Revelation

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“The name Girlpool comes from a chapter in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, but it is hard to shake the idea of the water feature it rhymes with, which is the spiraling thing that happens at the point where two powerful currents meet. Tucker and Tividad have a friendship of unique ferment, which, when talking with them, feels like a vortex of low-pitched emotional intensity. Best friends and bandmates for much of their formative years, they seem at ease in the swirling depth that their bond generates.”